Disconnected Editing Operations


The disconnected editing operations allow you to replicate data of interest from a feature service. The data can then be edited locally (on to the client) while disconnected from the server. When connected, the client can then synchronize the changes with the server. This can be repeated over multiple cycles of editing and synchronization.

The following service resource operations are provided for disconnected editing:

During synchronization, changes are transfered from client to server and then changes made on the server since the last synchronize are sent to the client. Supporting the above workflow requires clients that can track changes made to local data. The data in the service must be capabable of supporting check-out or 2 way geodatabase replication. The supportsDisconnectedEditing property is true on the feature server resource if this is the case.

Data that is versioned and has globalids will return true for the syncCanReturnChanges property in the layer resource. This means that the service will send changes since the last synchronize back to the client when the synchronized operation is run. If this property is false, synchronize will send all data for the replica back to the client. All layers referenced in the createReplica operation must have the same value for this property. For example, either all layers must return syncCanReturnChanges = true, or all layers must return syncCanReturnChanges = false. If you attempt to replicate layers that have a mixture, the createReplica operation will fail.