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uploadPart (Operation)
URL http://<service-uploaded-item-url>/uploadPart (POST only)
Parent Resource Item
Required Capability Uploads


This operation uploads a part to an item previously registered using the register operation. Since this request uploads a file, it must be a multi-part request as per IETF RFC1867.

All uploaded items are subjected to the deletion rules set on the upload directory by the administrator of the server. Additionally, the administrator can explicitly delete an item as each uploaded item shows up in the list of all the uploaded items in Site Directory.

Users can provide arguments to the uploadPart operation as query parameters. The parameter details are provided in the parameters table below.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
partId Description: A unique number representing the part. For example if a file is partitioned into ten parts, the part number to represent the fifth part of the file will be 5.

file Description: The file to be uploaded.

Example Usage

Example 1: Upload a part file:

The input parameter file to this operation is a file.

JSON Response Syntax

    "success": <true|false>,
    "item": {
        "itemID": "<itemID>",
        "itemName": "<itemName>",
        "description": "<description>",
        "date": <date>,
        "committed": <true|false>

JSON Response Example

    "success": true,
    "item": {
        "itemID": "i912f0648-a455-4d08-ae95-44eb5b82de2e",
        "itemName": "lakeImagery",
        "description": "Lake Tahoe",
        "date": 1246060800000,
        "committed": false